27 Oct Chocolate Mousse


200 gr Dark Chocolate
15 ml espresso coffee
4 gr butter (unsalted)
2 eggs
1 tablespoon Tropicana Slim Zero Calorie Sweetener Refill
125 ml whipped cream

Steps :

1. While melting dark chocolate using hot steam, add butter and espresso, stir well.

2. Separate the egg white and yolk.

3. Beat egg white until it becomes foam. Add sweetener little by little while beating egg white.

4. Mix the melted chocolate and white egg. Then add the egg yolk and whipped cream step by step while whisking. Whisk until all is well mixed.

5. Divide the mousse into several tea cups. Chill until firm, around 5-7 hours. Chocolate Mousse is ready to be served.